Who are friends?


Friends are anybody who has had to put up with.....

  • Jamie's mood swings

  • Gregor's hissy fits

  • Wes' injuries

  • Rudy's teddy throwing

  • Mel's breathlessness

  • Meghan's singing

  • Overlooking Stephi

  • Erin's favourite song

  • Pascal's hair

  • Scott and Jonathan holding hands

  • Concentrating while Linda wears hot pants

  • Damijan's English

  • Ally's car

  • Andy's war paint

  • Courtney's begging

  • Renee's voice

  • Nuno's whinging

  • Gillian's hair in the morning

  • Mark's advances

  • Jason's stitches

  • Katleen's dog

  • Max' homevideos

  • Barbara's knee problems

  • Ildi's self-made wodka

  • ......'s Shit!

  • Pepe's kids (Just kidding, they are almost full friends now)

  • Sarby's Hungarian music

  • Ivo's being right, all the time...

  • Lyanne's skirts

  • Mike's driving skills

  • Greame!


If you recognize yourself in this you may consider yourself a friend. In all seriousness, anyone that has taken the time and effort to be part of the group and isn't afraid to have a good time, (perhaps make an ass of yourself in public!:), then you will always have friends here.......And if you are a firm believer in coed naked showers and have good looking friends so much the better.

SBNB's friends are growing in number all the time, we would love to have you on the team! Names, pictures and relevant statistics to: SBNB@yahoogroups.com



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