Welcome to the SBNB International Homepage!


Our group of like-minded people brought together by a love for ultimate, stupidity and a love of parties. Some people play the game, some people play with each other and others play with themselves.


Many of the members met working at Hillcroft, a summercamp in the United States and represent countries around the globe. Our share of SBNB friends is growing in number all the time with new tournaments and people responding to our madness. There are friends from Holland, England, Slovenia, Austria, United States, Australia, Hungary, Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and Wales!


Our Homepage is an introduction to learn more about SBNB and an invitation to join the phenomenon. You can learn about Ultimate, the Team, our philosophies and hopefully catch a glimpse of why we are so keen to maintain our friendships on an international level. SBNB participates in a number of international tournaments around the year, indoor and outdoor and is always looking to make new friends.


In addition, you will find some random crap that you may like or not but is intimately linked to SBNB and its friends. Anyway, it's our website so we don't care what you think, we are having a good time even if you are not!



SBNB Members


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